Soundcheck FAQS

Will I be able to meet the group or have a photo during the Soundcheck?
No. There are no meet and greet packages available for purchase for this tour nor any kind of photo opportunities with the group.

Can I ask BTS a question during the Soundcheck?
No, this package does not include any Question & Answer opportunities.

How many songs will BTS perform during the Soundcheck?
Three songs only.

Can I give gifts/letters to BTS?
Unfortunately, we are unable to accept gifts/letters on your behalf for the Artist.

Will I be able to take pictures or record during the Soundcheck?
No. Photography, recording, or taping are strictly prohibited during Soundcheck. Under no circumstances will video cameras, recording equipment or phones be allowed into the Soundcheck.

Will video cameras or recording equipment be allowed?
Under no circumstances will video cameras or recording equipment be allowed into the Soundcheck.

Where and when will the Soundcheck take place?
Within the arena at the concert venue, before doors open to the general public – so most likely early to mid-afternoon. Exact timings will be notified to you prior to the event and are subject to change, and we recommend being available all afternoon.

How long will the event last?
The total amount of time the Soundcheck package will last will be for three songs.

When will I receive my Soundcheck laminate & lanyard?
Our event staff will present your laminate & lanyard to you upon arrival at the event at VIP Nation check-in.

Will I be receiving information via email?
Yes, full instructions and an itinerary for the day will be sent to you via email within three to five days of the event. The itinerary email will come from info@vipnation.com.

Is there a customer service agent I can contact if I have any questions about my purchase?
You can contact VIP Nation Europe at info@vipnation.com or call 888-458-8297.

What is the check-in?
This is the VIP Nation check-in table at the venue where we hand out laminates and inform you of proceedings for the evening.

If I'm unable to make it to Check-in/registration, how can I receive my laminate?
You will not be able to receive your laminate if you don't make it. All laminates must be collected on-site at our VIP Nation Check-in.

My guests may be arriving late. How will they get their laminates?
Everyone in your party must be together on time at check-in. You will not be allowed to get your laminate and check-in unless everyone in your party is there. The original purchaser must also have photo ID.

Does this package have any age restrictions?
The age policy varies with each venue and show. It will usually be listed on the package purchase page, but if it is not there, you may also refer to the venue’s website for age restrictions on your specific event. For the VIP package itself, this is our policy:

  • If you are 12 years old or younger, you must be accompanied by an adult with a ticket to the show. The adult may not escort the minor without a VIP package to the show.

  • If you are 13-15 years old, an adult must sign you in.

  • If you are 16 years old or over, you may sign in yourself with your photo ID matching your ticket order.

Can I purchase Accessible Seating as a part of a VIP Nation package?
If you have access requirements, we recommend purchasing the VIP package first so it does not sell out. Please then email info@vipnation.com and we will make the necessary arrangements with the venue on your behalf.

Is VIP parking included?
Parking is not included with this package, but parking may be available at the concert venue. Please refer to the venue’s website for more information regarding parking.